Happy 4th of July!

This weekend has been much different then previous 4th of July celebrations, but overall it has been an amazing three day weekend for us. I feel like it has been a fresh reminder of our freedom and independence.

We kicked it off by heading to San Francisco after work on Friday for some fondue at Melt! – where we used our GroupOn that was soon to expire. We followed that up with gelato for desert!

During our walk to the Gelato joint, we began analyzing how much GroupOn’s helped us save.

We had purchased a $20 GroupOn for $10. In this case, you’re getting $10 for $10. Which is basically the same thing as a 50% off coupon. Like a coupon, GroupOn’s have an expiration. The difference is, you loose money if you don’t use the GroupOn, the coupon you can just throw away.

Our conclusion came to be that it offers a unique way to find new places at a discounted price that you might not have came across. The savings definitely add up, especially on higher end GroupOn’s. (Ex. $25 for $50)

Keep in mind to check if the company has any coupons, deals or specials on their website before purchasing the GroupOn. As, you might be able to find even better deals.

Saturday night we headed off to the New Kids On The Block / Backstreet Boys concert. When Burnette originally told me that she had purchased me a ticket I was very hesitant about going.. I’m not sure if that was my testosterone speaking or just the thought of how unenjoyable it would be. Either way, I sucked it up and agreed to go. I have to say I was very impressed and had a great time! I have a feeling this will make great conversation at work on Tuesday.

Sunday, late morning, we met up with some friends to go hiking at Sunol in Livermore, CA. It was extremely hot but the heat definitely added to the adventure. We hiked the “Little Yosemite” trail where we traveled across the golden hills, taking advantage of each tree’s shade offerings. We continued until we came across a beautiful freshwater spring that included small pools of water. We hadn’t planned on going swimming, but at this point, we really didn’t care. :)

Monday we went to a BBQ where we grilled tri-tip, salmon, portobello mushrooms, sausages and corn on the cob. We also had fresh salad, fresh potato salad, fresh guacamole and fresh fruit salad. I’m probably forgetting a few things, but you get the point. It was a feast. I’ve attempted to grill and smoke salmon in the past with hardly any success. Today it turned out perfect! The trick is to soak slabs of non-treated hickory to place the salmon on. (this helps add flavor and keep the fish moist). Burnette’s mom had bought a smoking kit for the charcoal grill. It consisted of two metal containers to place the soaked wood chips in. So when you place them on the coals, they don’t burn up immediately. The salmon took about 20 minutes to cook.

Starting tomorrow, we’ll be getting back to our workout regime. Indulging in food this weekend has heavily inspired that.

To wrap things up, I haven’t seen one firework this weekend, except through Facebook. Although, I’ve been listening to them all night long.

I have to say, this year has been a bit different then my normal 4th of July celebrations, but it’s definitely been a memorable one! :)

Thank you everyone that made this such a great weekend! Including you B!

Once again, Happy 4th of July!


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  1. cille Says: Jul 5th,2011

    Happy to hear your weekend was wonderful. Always be open to the possibilities of something new.
    I love you guys!

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