My Birthday Weekend

I wanted to share this past weekend with you folks. Burnette did an amazing job planning out the weekend. It was filled with laughter, relaxation and some amazing meals. I also want to thank my co-workers for dedicating their time to celebrate on Friday evening AND Tuesday evening!

Saturday night, we headed off to the San Jose Improv to watch Bob Saget. I was a bit skeptical on how the show was going to be, due to everyone well-informing me on how nasty he was.. That being said, we had an awesome time! *Frugal hint: Balcony seats are a little bit less expensive that showroom seats, but you get a better view of the stage.

Sunday, we started the day off with a couples Massage at Watercourse in Palo Alto, which has got to be one of the top places to go in the Bay Area for a massage. I would highly recommend it. *Frugal hint: They also accept SpaFinder gift certificates, which you can purchase at a discount ;)

After the massage we headed over to Joanies Cafe, also in Palo Alto. We ordered the salmon omelet and salmon eggs benedict. They both were absolutely delicious! They don’t take reservations, so you might have to wait a bit.

Later that evening, after letting our stomachs settle, we headed off to dinner at The Grill on the Alley in downtown San Jose. We ate here last year on my birthday and I had the Ahi Tuna Steak, which I remembered being freaking awesome. I was actually trying to order it again, but it could not be found on the menu as it was a special last time. So, I mixed it up and tried another special, the goat cheese and spices fillet mignon. I don’t think that’s the exact name, but it was absolutely amazing. My taste-buds seemed to take full control which in contrary led to my eyelids shutting on me. So good! *Frugal hint: We had purchased a discounted gift certificate through

On Sunday before dinner, B’s mom had stopped by and dropped off some birthday gifts, which included a home grilled smoked salmon. So delicious! I think she’s got me figured out.. :)

I also received an awesome surprise package from my parents. Which included a surprise attack nerf gun, air popcorn popper and jalapeno popcorn seasoning. I can’t wait to try out the popcorn popper. I’ve been thinking about getting one for awhile since it’s supposed to be a much healthier way to cook popcorn.

Thanks again to everyone that made my birthday so special. Including you, Facebook friends! :)


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  1. Cille Says: Aug 14th,2011

    Love this and you!
    B is amazing, you’re so good together!

  2. Cille Says: Aug 14th,2011

    Love this, she’s a keeper as dad would say, we love you both!

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