Happy Labor Day!

Hope everyone had a wonderful Labor Day weekend. For those who got a day off from your employer, hope you had some time to relax and enjoy the long weekend.

Not too much has been happening in terms of Frugal Rich Life. Heath and I are still on the health streak, and if possible, maybe healthier? I’ve been reading more and more on nutrition and healthy living, so we have been incorporating superfoods and healthy practices into our life. If you’re interested, I started a new blog of my own about holistic health and beauty: http://realbeautyconcept.blogspot.com

A month ago, Heath’s cousin and mom came over from Missouri for a visit. It was great fun and it got Heath and I out of the house to experience some local touristy spots. It’s amazing what you find when you are tourist in your own town! Of course, we kept it frugal as much as we could without missing the fun. Hopefully, when we get some time, Heath and I will scramble up some pictures from their visit to show you.

For the most part, we’ve both been busy with work as the workload at our respective employers have increased.

I also signed us up for a 10K in April 2012, so that we would be more motivated to work out. Luckily, it’s a walk/run event and it’s not too intensive for our first race as a couple.

BTW, happy belated one year birthday to Frugal Rich Life. We opened our doors on August 20, 2010! Woohoo!


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  1. NYC Wedding Cakes Says: Oct 24th,2011

    Your in-town trip sounds like a “staycation.” They have becoming much more popular lately. And you’re right, it’s crazy what you can find in your own area when you pretend you are from out of town!

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